Pidan A2 Harness & Leash Set for Cats


Pidan A2 Harness & Leash Set for Cats is a cat apparel and accessories made from a blend of silk and dacron, this cat harness and leash set is incredibly soft to the touch while being durable enough for daily use. This stylish cat harness with a leash provides a comfortable fit for your cat. Order now at Pidan Au!

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A must-have for any cat owner looking to take their pet on outdoor adventures. 


The Pidan A2 Harness & Leash Set for Cats is the perfect combination of fashion and function. Made from soft and durable silk and dacron, it comfortably fits your feline friend. The POM-based self-releasing buckle ensures a secure fit while allowing quick release in emergencies. With its fresh and chic originally designed patterns, this harness and leash set is a stylish and safe option for outdoor adventures with your cat.


Benefits and Features:

  • It is a unique new fashion for cat walking!
  • The product is made of silk and dacron, which makes it soft and more durable.
  • The POM-based self-releasing buckle allows a firm fixation as well as a rapid response to an emergency situation.
  • There are several options of fresh, chic and all-match designed initial patterns.


Materials: Dacron, POM, Zinc Alloy

Size: 12mmx1220mm

Net Weight: 61g

Weight 0.061 kg
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 2 cm


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