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PIDAN A3 Dog Collar


PIDAN A3 Dog Collar is a high-quality dog collar made from a polyester fabric pattern printed on both sides with beautiful graphics. Noted to be the best dog collar today, it allows you to adjust it according to your dog’s neck size and thickness. Truly, a unique & special dog collar for your dog. Shop now at Pidan Au!

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The collar is constructed from high-quality polyester silk, both sides of which are adorned with beautiful patterns.


PIDAN A3 dog collar is a sight to behold with its brightly coloured pattern, making it a dog collar that looks very sophisticated. A practical dog collar that’s fancy and refreshing to the eyes but serves its purpose and deserves to be with your doggy. Made from high-quality silk and dacron materials, it’s also water-resistant and guarantees comfort for your dog. Ramp up your dog’s fashion sense, get them this dog collar and show off their personality. 


Benefits and Features:

  • The buckle is strong enough to withstand 200 kilograms of pulling force. This means it won’t break off and you can feel secure knowing your dog won’t break free.
  • Neck size (M) is adjustable from 33-53cm, 
  • The collar is beautiful and durable, with intricately designed patterns formed by weaving high-quality polyester silk.
  • It lasts longer than most dog collars today as it is made of tough and durable materials.


Materials: Polyester Silk and Dacron.

Product Weight: 0.055 kg

Product Dimensions: 30.8 x 7 x 3 cm

Weight 0.055 kg
Dimensions 30.8 × 7 × 3 cm


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