PIDAN Cat Auto Toy – Rabbit & Carrot


An automated fishing game to tease and play with your cat. TWO Styles, Fantastic Fish Cat Teaser. Happy hunting any time, any place!

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A small fishing game to play with your cat.

An automated cat teasing toy. The hanging “cat bait” raises and lowers, catching the attention of your cat. The bait is made of super soft fabric, and it has a slice of compressed catnip inserted in it that releases an aroma that cats like so much. The bait is switchable. You can switch to any Pidan cat teasing toy accessories. It fits any flat surface with a thickness of 0.8 – 4.6 cm. The rope length is 65 cm, excluding the bait part. Leave enough space for the bait to move right underneath the toy.


  • With ONLY one press, your cat can fully enjoy the hunting toy for 8 minutes!
  • TWO Styles, Fantastic and Cute “Fishing”-like Cat Teaser.
  • Adjustable Spiral Locking Structure with a 65 cm Nylon Hanging String.
  • Happy hunting at any time and any place!
  • Replaceable refills are available too!
Weight 0.136 kg
Dimensions 11 × 5.5 × 17 cm


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