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PIDAN Coffee & Bentonite Composite Cat Litter


  • Discover Pidan’s innovative Coffee & Bentonite Composite Cat Litter, a blend of natural coffee aroma and eco-friendly materials for superior odor control. Choose our advanced, environmentally responsible cat litter for effective odor absorption and easy maintenance. Ensure a fresh, clean habitat for your cat with Pidan’s premium litter solutions today.Buy now!
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PIDAN Coffee & Bentonite Composite Cat Litter

Introducing a revolutionary cat litter that combines the natural power of coffee grounds with eco-friendly materials to create a superior odor control solution. Our

PIDAN Coffee & Bentonite Composite Cat Litter features a unique blend of 68% coffee tofu litter and 32% spherical bentonite, ensuring efficient odor absorption and fast clumping action.

This innovative product utilizes recycled coffee grounds, not only masking unpleasant smells with a real coffee aroma but also contributing to environmental sustainability by repurposing waste.

The litter is mild, non-irritating, and free from artificial fragrances, making it a gentle choice for your cat. Additionally, it boasts excellent water absorption, low dust production, and the convenience of being flushable, aligning with an eco-conscious lifestyle.

With its physical absorption properties and fast-acting clumping, this cat litter prevents sticking to the litter box, ensuring easy maintenance and a fresh, clean environment for both you and your feline friend.


Benefits and Features

Natural Odor Control: The real coffee aroma covers unpleasant odors.

Eco-Friendly Composition: This product utilizes recycled coffee grounds, promoting environmental sustainability.

Advanced Absorption: The unique blend of coffee tofu and spherical bentonite cat litter offers superior odor absorption and fast clumping, preventing litter box adhesion.

Health and Safety: Made from high-quality bean dregs without added fragrances, this cat litter is less dusty, has stronger water absorption, and is mild and non-irritating.

Flushable and Convenient: It can be flushed into a toilet.

Weight 2.4 kg

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