Pidan Grey Falling Stone Dog Toy Ball


Pidan Grey Falling Stone Dog Toy Ball is a unique dog toy & the ideal plaything for your four-legged bestie. Crafted out of TPR material, it’s non-toxic & odourless, making the dog ball toy safe for your pet to chew on. This interactive dog toy helps maintain dental health & spares your furniture. Buy now at Pidan Au!

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The perfect toy for your furry best friend.


The Pidan Grey Falling Stone Dog Toy Ball is a durable TPR material ball that is non-toxic and odourless, making it safe for your furry friend to play with. Its unique shape helps to clean your dog’s teeth, promoting good oral hygiene and overall health. Its no-stuffing design makes it perfect for long-term chewing and reduces the risk of furniture damage.


Benefits and Features:

  • A durable ball made of TPR material, bite-resistant, non-toxic, and odourless, it helps to clean teeth and cares for your dog’s health.
  • No-Stuffing ball for a long time chewing, reduce damage to furniture and feel less lonely when you are not home.
  • It is highly elastic and can float on water. 
  • The aerolite ball is designed for irregular movements, every bounce is unpredictable. 


Product Weight: 0.07 kg

Product Colour: Grey

Product Dimensions: 21x15x6.5cm


Notes: Important!

  • Please wash it after use, and well store it after drying.
  • It is a consumable product. Please replace it on a regular basis.
Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 7 cm


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