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Pidan Grey Pet Bowl with Scale


Keep your furry friend healthy with the Pidan Grey Pet Bowl with Scale. This innovative pet bowl comes with a built-in digital scale. The stylish pet bowl also ensures accurate portion control for your pet’s meals. This easy-to-clean pet bowl is hygienic & safe for your pets. Shop now at Pidan Au!

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A must-have addition to your pet’s feeding routine. 

the perfect solution for pet owners who want to ensure their furry friends receive the right amount of food every time. The Pidan Grey Pet Bowl comes with a built-in digital scale, allowing you to accurately measure your pet’s food intake. This innovative feature ensures your pet receives the appropriate amount of food, reducing the risk of overfeeding or underfeeding. Crafted with high-quality materials, the Pidan Grey Pet Bowl is durable and long-lasting. The smooth and sleek design of the bowl makes it easy to clean, ensuring your pet always has a hygienic feeding environment.


Benefits and Features:

  • A high-precision pressure sensor is well accurate to the gram. The precise weight helps to offer just enough food, good appetite shapes a sound body.
  • An open arc-shaped design facilitates dining even with flat-face pets.
  • Simply disassemble and clean due to the split design. The base with the screen can NOT be washed. 


Weight: 0.7kg

Dimensions: 24.8×23.8x9cm

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 24.8 × 23.8 × 9 cm


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