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Pidan Little Snow Monster Cat Auto Toy


Pidan Little Snow Monster Cat Auto Toy is an interactive cat toy that inspires cat-hunting nature in your kitty. This amusing Pidan cat toy will mesmerise your cat with its lifelike motions & actions. This tiny car toy for cats offers a challenge to your kitty as they try to catch this dapper toy. Buy now at Pidan Au!

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Fits in perfectly with your cat’s hunting instincts.


A fascinating toy for interactive play, the Pidan Little Snow Monster Cat Auto Toy features an irregular motion trail that appeals to your cat’s hunting instincts. The lifelike movements and actions of the little snow monster will mesmerise your pet and inspire endless fun. With its clean design and high-quality materials, this toy is a perfect choice for cats who love shredding other toys or require extra exercise.


Benefits and Features:


  • Navigates with lifelike moving patterns propelled by vibration technology.
  • Navigates around objects, finds its way out of corners and can flip itself over from its back to its feet.
  • It includes batteries so it’s ready to play straight out of the box.
  • Rubbery cover holds up well to cats’ teeth and claws.
  • Super Fun For Spectators! A perfect toy to trigger your cat’s natural hunting instinct.


Materials: TPU, PC

Size: 44.5 x 16.2 x 21.7mm

Product Weight: 8.5g



  • Do NOT rinse it with water.
  • The battery is included. Please avoid using it in high-temperature environments.
Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 4.45 × 1.62 × 2 cm


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