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PIDAN Pet Air Folding Bed


The Pidan Pet Air Bed is a platform style hanging hammock securely attach to any window, your kitty can watch over the great outdoors.

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Cat Naps With A View!

The Pidan Pet Air Bed is a platform-style hanging hammock for a cat who loves to live a high life. Attach securely to any window; your kitty can watch over the great outdoors anytime he likes. Lined with a textured cotton-linen blend cover, your cat can stretch out in comfort while enjoying the view. Attractive wide felt belts hold the platform in place, and suction caps affix securely to the window for extra safety. The Pidan Pet Air Bed is a detailed and unique design that will complement your home décor while puss lives the high life. 

  • Firmly attaches to a window, fixed at four points
  • Recommended for cats under 10 kg
  • It sits at 15 degrees, will not tip even after long term use
  • Secured with strong suction cups and thick, wide felt support belts
  • The high-density corrugated scratch paper included

Product Disclaimer: Pidan Hanging Hammock is intended for cats 10kgs and below. It is expected that suction’s efficiency decreases over time especially when product is frequently used by your pet. As long as the setup was properly done and suction is not attached on moist walls or areas that are prone to moisture, suction cups will last longer.

Weight 0.975 kg
Dimensions 58 × 45 × 62 cm


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