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Pidan Pet Medicine Feeder


PIDAN Pet Medicine Feeder is a pet medicine dispenser designed to help you give your sick pet the right medicine. Pidan pet medicine is a high-quality syringe with safety features such as a piston head and pipe wall. The medicine feeder for pets allows your pet to be medicated or fed comfortably. Buy now at Pidan Au!

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A vital piece of medical equipment to get them through a medical condition.

This item is a must-have inside your pet medicine cabinet, PIDAN Pet Medicine Feeder is a syringe you can use to feed liquid medicine to your pet. Made of premium polypropylene, you can be sure that this special pet medicator will not only last many years to come but can be disinfected by high temperature, and steam, as needed. The piston head and pipe wall have a high degree of fit, so leakage is strictly prevented. You will love this durable and sturdy device as it ensures a comfortable way of feeding or medicating your pet and getting them back to health.


Benefits and Features:

  • Viable and economical, a replacement head is included.
  • Versatile, able to be used for feeding medicine, water and milk.
  • Easy to use in high volume.
  • Made from delicate materials and will not hurt the teeth, gums and cheeks.


Materials: Silica and PP

Product Size: 15x4x4cm

Weight 0.019 kg
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 4 cm


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