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Pidan Q Spoon Pet Liquid Snack Feeder


PIDAN Q Spoon Liquid Snack Feeder is a multipurpose cat feeder as this comma-shaped spoon can hold liquid and dry meals & treats. This revolutionary cat feeder is made out of PP material. The liquid snack feeder for cats lets you deepen your relationship with your cat even more. Order now at Pidan Au!

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An adorable shaped spoon feeder for cats that isn’t just suited for liquid food but ideal also for kibbles and various types of dry food to the delight of your feline pets.


The PIDAN Q Spoon Liquid Snack Feeder is a unique and innovative product that makes feeding your beloved pet easier, safe and healthier. This liquid snack feeder has proven that cats benefit from being fed with liquid meals or snacks because it can keep them hydrated and stronger for longer periods of time. With an interactive design that includes a comma-shaped spoon and a tilted surface, this liquid pet feeder makes feeding times a breeze. Made out of food-grade PP material and safe for use by you and your beloved pet, there are no worries about our little friend getting sick while using this product.


Benefits and Features:

  • Interactive Feeding, lets you deepen your relationship with your cat even more. 
  • Super convenient to use.
  • Small, lightweight, spoon-like design, specially made for cat parents.
  • Antibacterial Material food grade PP material and applying IONPURE antibacterial technology.
  • Any Food or Treats could be wet, kibbles, raw, puree, vitamins, etc.
  • It’s recommended to follow the daily feeding guidelines on food packaging to feed your cat.
  • Suitable for cats.


Material: Food-grade PP

Size: 100 x 62 x 10mm

Product Weight: 9g

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6.2 × 1 cm


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