PIDAN Sound Sleep Pet Bed


PIDAN Sound Sleep Pet Bed is a hammock-style raised pet bed with a minimalist design. It has a very calming colour and promotes a cooler environment as the air can pass below and above. A breathable pet bed that makes your small dogs and cats feel have a sound sleep!  Buy now in Pidan Au!

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The great outdoors awaits with the Pidan Sound Asleep Pet Bed! Your feline friend can enjoy the beauty of nature in total comfort and style.


Give your feline friend a comfortable place to rest! The Sound Sleep bed is made with a lightweight wooden frame that features a soft hammock for maximum comfort for your pet. It has a low entryway, so it’s easy for your cat to go in and out without having to leap or jump. Plus, a bonus scratch pad comes with the bed–so cats can use it as an extra scratch pad to trim or wipe down their nails after climbing out of the bed!

  • Sleek and modern pet bed for cats and small dogs with minimalist and nature-inspired features.
  • A hammock-style bed interior helps supports your pet’s weight and provides maximum comfort.
  • High walls with a clear acrylic so they’ll feel comfortable and cosy like they are one with their surroundings.
  • Low entryway for easy access to bed.
  • Great for cats and small dogs.
  • Comes with a free cardboard cat scratch pad.


Size: 560×485×187mm

Net Weight: 3450g

Gross Weight: 3900g

Materials: Acrylic, Beech, Polyester Fiber, Corrugated Paper

Weight 3.45 kg


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