PIDAN Two Story Cozy Type Pet Bed


Elevated cat bed like PIDAN Two Story Cozy Type Pet Be is very beneficial in your cat joint relief, as the elevation help decrease joint pressure and make your pet comfortable while lying and snooping. It is also very sleek and modern. A great gift for new hoomans! Buy now in Pidan Au!

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If you want your cat to feel thrilled when entering their beds, then this is the perfect selection for you. The beds are lined with breathable and cosy polyester fibre, making them much more comfortable than the traditional plastic ones. The unique finishing and design make these beds truly fit for style!


The elevated bed is made from premium beech wood and has an elegant minimalist design. It will blend in perfectly with your modern interior style. There are multiple sisal rope teaser balls hanging from each corner to let your furry cat scratch and play and the tinted side glasses provide perfect engagement for your cat to figure out the colour changes past the glass—the best cat bed for twin cat babies to stretch and relax! Your cat will be the star of your home, with this awesome two-story bed! 


  • Made with superior beech wood, durable and stable with a screw attached for strong hold.
  • The polyester fibre is very comfortable for cats to sleep, nap, and relax.
  • The colourful acrylics add colour to your cat’s pet bed.
  • No sharp edges to keep your cat safe.
  • Has four sisal teaser balls that help keep your cats entertain.
  • Reduced pain in the joints as older cats with arthritis will feel more at ease if they are able to rest their bodies on an elevated platform.
  • Elevated cat beds can also help younger cats with bone and joint problems feel comfortable and cosy.
  • Very sleek and modern design, surely a fit for your home space!


Size: 485×615×500mm

Net Weight: 4420g

Gross Weight: 5000g

Materials: Acrylic, Beech, Composite Board, Polyester Fiber


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