PIDAN Water Fountain With Heating Function


Discover the PIDAN Water Fountain with Heating Function – the freeze-free cat water fountain providing a hydration solution for your feline friend. Ensure optimal water temperature year-round with this innovative fountain with heating function. Buy now in Pidan Au!

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Cats have a low thirst drive compared to other animals. They originated from desert-dwelling ancestors who obtained most of their hydration from the prey they consumed. As a result, cats may not drink enough water from a regular bowl, leading to potential dehydration.


To combat dehydration in cats PIDAN created this innovative water fountain with heating function that provides continuous flow of fresh and filtered water for all season. Despite the weather, may it be hot or freezing, the water is keep at a 20°C to 25°C, cat’s preferred temperature to drink their fill, for as we know cats are very picky drinkers. It also has a 30dB whisper-quiet operation to that won’t disturb your sleep and even daily activities.


Made for convenience PIDAN Water Fountain with Heating Function Water come with built-in filters that remove impurities, such as hair, debris, and particles, from the water. The filtration system ensures that the water remains clean and fresh, reducing the risk of bacteria growth and unpleasant odors. It has  Plus its ergonomic design support proper drinking posture for cats  and added features like anti-spill protection and a bi-switch design for safety ensures a seamless experience for both you and your beloved cat.

  • Tailored Temperature allows you to set the perfect temperature for your cat’s drinking water, ensuring they always have water at the optimal temperature.
  • Triple filtration system consisting of coconut shell, activated carbon, and filter cotton ensures that impurities and contaminants are effectively removed.
  • Enhanced drinking experience with integrated shallow and deep water design caters to different drinking position.
  • Operates silently at only 30dB, creating a peaceful and stress-free environment for both you and your cat.
  • Anti-Splash accessory prevents messy spills and keeps the surrounding area clean.
  • Transparent Water Tank features allows for easy monitoring of the water level.
  • Anti-Bite Braided Wire Sleeve enhances durability and protects against potential damage.
  • Bi-Switch Design prevents accidental operation and ensures the safety of your pet.
  • Easy to Clean and maintain



Size: 236×132×157mm

Net Weight: 870g

Gross Weight: 1120g

Materials: ABS+AS Plastic + Electronic Chip



Cat water fountain with heating function>>Freeze-free cat water fountain>>Hydration solution for cats

Weight 0.87 kg
Dimensions 23.6 × 13.2 × 15.7 cm


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